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Cacao EXPLORER Bundle

Cacao EXPLORER Bundle

A collection of bars with a single origin that highlights particulars of each origin's terroir, fermentation, and drying methods. We work with sustainable companies that uphold the same principles, and ethical trade is important to us. Every bundle is carefully wrapped in its own packaging. Perfect for giving as gifts or for tasting experiences.


  • 62% San Martin, Peru l dried fruits, golden berries, blackberry, floral and herb notes
  • 62% Piura, Peru  l spices, golden raisins, yellow chili pepper, earthy, low tannin
  • 62% Cusco, Peru   l earthy, red fruits, Peruvian passion fruit, low tannin
  • 62% Tabasco, Mexico       l raspberry, blackberry, berries, citrus notes
  • 62% Morumbi, Colombia  l hints of cocoa, nuts, spices, citrus notes
  • 65% Chanthaburi, Thailand l tropical fruits, mango, passion fruit, and low tannins 
  • 68% Dak Lak, Vietnam    sour cherry, tangy lemon, zesty orange, cranberry.
  • 70% Copan, Honduras  delicate notes of green olives, some herbs notes, walnuts
  • 72% Tsiriari, Junin, Peru                 l olives, hints of cocoa, raisin, grapefruit
  • 73% Maranon, Cajamarca, Peru      complex fruity/floral/herbal; with mild nut

 10 bars @80 g each

  • Plant-based - gluten free 

Allergens: may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, tree nuts and sesa

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