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Socially Responsible

In Chocovalley, we are concerned with the origins of our chocolate and its fair-trade certification. Farmers who grow and manufacture coffee beans, cacao beans, and other agricultural products play significant roles in our society, yet they frequently receive inadequate compensation for their labour.

Certified fair-trade chocolate from peru

Fair trade sourcing is the way

Fairtrade changes the way that trade is conducted by bringing about higher pricing, respectable working conditions, and a better deal for farmers and employees in poor countries. To achieve sustainable livelihoods, we are extending the channels via which producers can access global markets on Fairtrade conditions.

together we can make a big impact

Peruvian cacao bean farmers

More than 7.000 families who produce cocoa, coffee, and panela are united by the Cooperativa Norandino, which was founded in 2005. Their mission is to improve their family members' living conditions by giving them access to both domestic and international markets. Transparency, equity, respect, responsibility, responsibility, democracy, and quality of service are core Norandino values. As of right now, all of their producers have Fairtrade and Organic certification. Today we are being fed from two different regions of Peru: the dry Sierra of Piura and humid Selva of San Martin (Valrhona Chocolate, 2023).


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