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65 % Chanthaburi, Thailand, 80g

65 % Chanthaburi, Thailand, 80g

Tasting notes: tropical fruits, mango, passion fruit, and a hint of low tannins

Variety: Hybrid cacao

Comes 2 chocolate bars of 40g each. Double trouble

A little of the history of cacao beans from Thailand

Expert food scientists began experimenting about thirty years ago with cacao seedlings from Peru and a subspecies from the Philippines. They were able to breed and crossbreed the two varieties until they flowered and yielded cacao pods. The two trees crossed seemed to be a flavorful, productive, and auto-compatible cross. It's truly astounding how technology has improved the process of producing flavorful, abundantly complex cacao beans that give you the impression that an angel is present.

Technology advancements have led to the emergence of a new cacao culture in Thailand and an increase in the demand for cacao beans. The hybrids and clones that make up all cacao beans are designed for productivity, flavor, and resistance to disease.

Experience the slightly changing tasting notes of our single-origin chocolate bars, carefully crafted using different toasting temperature curves and precise timing. Each chocolate bar has labeled the micro-batch number, reflecting our dedication to experimenting with flavor profile notes. Get ready for an exciting and flavorful journey!

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