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62 % Tabasco, Mexico, 80g

62 % Tabasco, Mexico, 80g

Tasting notes: Raspberry, blackberry, berries citrus tones, 

Variety: Forastero

Double your enjoyment with two 40g chocolate bars included.

The cacao used to make this chocolate bar comes from Hacienda Cacaotera Jesus Maria, a long-standing producer of cacao beans that have won numerous prizes.

The state of Tabasco is home to abundant fauna and lush vegetation that create stunning views. The majority of economic activity is derived from agriculture because of the tropical climate.

Hacienda Cacaotera Jesus Maria is a plantation with almost a century of history that practices ecology and organic farming.

Experience the slightly changing tasting notes of our single-origin chocolate bars, carefully crafted using different toasting temperature curves and precise timing. Each chocolate bar has labeled the micro-batch number, reflecting our dedication to experimenting with flavor profile notes. Get ready for an exciting and flavorful journey!

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