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62 % San Martin, Peru, 80g

62 % San Martin, Peru, 80g

Tasting notes: Dried fruits - Golden berries - Blackberry - Floral & Herb notes

Variety: Criollo & Trinitario 

2 bars of 40g each. Double excitement!

The organic cocoa beans used to make this chocolate bar come from San Martín, where the Ucayali River meets the Amazon River, the second-longest river in the world, near its source. Mountain range that rises to a height of 300 to 900 meters above sea level.

We collaborate with fair trade companies that provide us with these incredible cocoa beans, offering farmers a fair price. Despite the presence of traffickers in the area, these farmers continue to grow this beautiful product with the utmost care and quality.

San Martín now produces around 35% of Peru's total cocoa production. Peru represents 60% of the world's cocoa biodiversity, especially in the jungle.

Experience the ever-changing tasting notes of our single-origin chocolate bars, carefully crafted using our unique toasting temperature curve and precise timing. Each chocolate bar has labeled the micro-batch number, reflecting our dedication to experimenting with flavors. Get ready for an exciting and flavorful journey! 

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