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62 % Morumbi, Colombia, 80g

62 % Morumbi, Colombia, 80g

Tasting Notes: nuts, spices. citrus tones

Variety: Trinitario
Double your enjoyment with two 40g chocolate bars included

The cacao beans used to make this chocolate bar are sourced from Hacienda Morumbi, a single-state plantation in the Puerto Lleras del Meta province of Colombia, which is situated 300 meters above sea level.

The greatest cacao in Colombia can be found in Meta, Puerto Lopez, despite the battle with traffickers. Wonderfully, the flavor profile is aromatic and distinct. The traditional method of growing cacao had to give way to continual enhancements and learning about better ways to produce high-quality cacao that could be exported and distributed worldwide.

Approximately 1200 families cultivate cacao beans in Meta, accounting for approximately 3000 cacao producers spread across 11 provinces in the department and 570 hectares of land.

Experience the ever-changing tasting notes of our single-origin chocolate bars, carefully crafted using our unique toasting temperature curve and precise timing. Each chocolate bar has labeled the micro-batch number, reflecting our dedication to experimenting with flavors. Get ready for an exciting and flavorful journey! 

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