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62 % Cusco, Peru, 80g

62 % Cusco, Peru, 80g

Tasting Notes: Tannin - Earthy - Red fruits - Peruvian Passion Fruit

Variety: Chuncho

2 chocolate bars of 40g each.

This chocolate bar is made with cacao beans, which are harvested between 400 and 1200 meters above sea level in the Cusco department, which is located in southern Peru, where the Andes meet the jungle.

These beans are specifically from Alto Urubamba, which is located in the well-known Urubamba Valley. They are primarily from the Chuncho kind of cacao pods; however, there are other native variations as well. There is a great range of fruit flavors available in this cacao varietal, ranging from tropical to notes of citrus and red fruits. This variety's cacao pods might be rose, green, or yellow in hue.

Cusco used to be the area in Peru with the largest cacao production, but Cusco has declined as a result of the colonization and commercialization of cocoa in the forest departments.

Traditionally, Cusco cacao comes from the Urubamba Valley, which served as the Incas' primary route between the Amazon jungle and the Andes. When the Spanish conquistadors attacked Peru, the final Inca emperor, Manco Inca, retreated to this valley and hid there. The Incas used this valley to meet the people of the forest for trade purposes.

Experience the ever-changing tasting notes of our single-origin chocolate bars, carefully crafted using our unique toasting temperature curve and precise timing. Each chocolate bar has labeled the micro-batch number, reflecting our dedication to experimenting with flavors. Get ready for an exciting and flavorful journey! 

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